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Candleholder - Arctic - Reds & Purples (PSP)

Price £25.00 Each (Post Free)

You would be buying the candleholder pictured. It is made from multiple shades of the main colours with a few pieces of alternative colours as a contrast. Many coloured small globules have been added to enhance the effect. Each candleholder that will appear in this range will therefore be unique. Tea light included. Click on alternative image to see this candleholder from each of the four sides. Size: 4.5 x 3.25ins (11cms x 8.25cms)

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Candleholder - Octagonal - Four Blues - Type 2

Price £18.95 Each (Post Free)

The candleholder is made of eight upright pieces of textured transparent coloured glass, two of each of the four shades of blue. There are three cork studs on the base to protect the surface on which the candleholder is placed. Tea light included. Click on the alternative image to see the candleholder from two different sides. Size: 4.5 x 3.25ins (11.5 x 8cms)

1 item remaining (approximately).